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ETO Sterilisation Chambers

Sterilization of single use medical devices often imposes EtO sterilization. Today the preferred choice for its universality, its OPEX and CAPEX.

Sterimed has been designing and manufacturing its equipment with all necessary care required for such applications since 2011. Sterimed has been delivering its 20th sterilization system in 2017, proving by its worldwide references its leading role in medical device sterilization field.

Sterimed provides among the safest and advanced technologies available today on MD sterilization market.

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Steam sterilisation

As an alternative of the widely used cold processes such as EtO sterilization, Sterimed is proposing to its customers Steam processes for medical devices. Our autoclaves are compliant with EN 285, designed and manufactured following PED directive and are CE marked and the equipment is validated following ISO 17665.

Sterimed sterilizers are entirely controlled by Siemens PLC/ HMI system and Siemens supervision system allows us to have sterilization electric reports. Our programs are developed following GAMP5, fully documented and validated and comply with the 21 CFR Part 11. Our systems require minimum water quantity and our processes are energy saving oriented.

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Gas treatment

Sterimed’s experience and its care for the environment has led us to develop and enhance two technologies, both considered as the safest and the most efficient: the thermal oxidation and the chemical hydrolyse. Today we are offering to our customer a complete analysis of their EtO use and an adapted proposition to make their installation state of the art solution, respectful of the environment, using when it is possible minimum fossil energy and limited carbon footprint.